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strawberry frozen yogurt
June 26, 2009, 7:30 pm
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at first i was set on strawberry ice cream, but when i started looking at recipes i realized i would need eggs for that, and i don’t buy eggs as i very rarely eat them (hence all the vegan baking).

sweet delicious dessert

sweet delicious dessert

then i stumbled upon this recipe from david lebovitz and i used that as my jumping off point. i used two quarts of strawberries minus enough for 2 salads and 3 shortcakes. they were macerated in rose water and a  pinch of sugar for 2 days. i used half the amount of sugar in the recipe and subbed in honey (agave would work too) for the rest. fage 2% greek yogurt. juice of half a lemon. oh and i threw in some milk chocolate chips from trader joes halfway through the ice cream cycle.

the making of

ice cream maker in action

as it was my first time using the ice cream maker, i wasn’t sure exactly what consistency i was looking for in the finished yogurt. the mixture was still pretty runny when the paddle began making the finished noise. but i packed it up into glass jars and stashed them in the freezer anyway.

yum yum yum

yum yum yum

it froze pretty solid, i’m not sure that is supposed to happen. it may not be perfect but i’m pretty happy with this stuff.  it tastes fantastic and in the end, that’s what matters.


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Wow. Sounds wonderful.

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